We were commissioned to design an invite card to celebrate the opening of Sarah Pickering’s exhibition Aim & Fire at Durham Art Gallery.Read More...

An image from Pickering’s Locus+ commission, Celestial Objects, was used as the lead image for the invite. Created by photographing a revolver fired in total darkness, the image captures the entirety of a gunshot from start to finish.

We designed a card subtly referencing the gun that was used to make the image. To the reverse of the image, typesetting was influenced by the styles of Smith & Wesson and other gun brands and the material – a cast coated metallic silver – is a reference to the materiality of the weapon.

We also designed the exhibition vinyl for the venue.

Image credit: Sarah Pickering Muzzle Flash, 2013 © The Locus+ Archive / The Artist

This Project Involved
  • Design Development
  • Invite Card
  • Exhibition Vinyl
  • Print Management
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Sarah Pickering Invite Card

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