The Cornwall Workshop

The Cornwall Workshop was a six-day intensive residential workshop for artists, curators and critics. The workshop builds on the legacy of The Falmouth Convention, held in May 2010, and addresses the interests and concerns of artists, curators and critics in Cornwall and the South West of England. Read More...

As a 'cousin' of The Falmouth Convention, The Cornwall Workshop identity needed to be closely related but also distinctly different. By inverting the negative/positive space of the original logo we created its counterpart, creating a balance of connectedness between the two. The new logo, similar to its cousin, acts as a loosely structured device that frames up the workshop and supports its activities.

Built on the WordPress platform, the website provides an easy to use, open source facility with a bespoke front-end – designed to reflect that of The Falmouth Convention.

This Project Involved
  • Brand Positioning
  • Visual Identity
  • Website
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